Survivor Season 34 Cast Review

I am finally back creating content for the site, and no surprise I am discussing Survivor. CBS is wasting no time in doing another all-star version of the game. I guess they figured after the success of Second Chances they should go for it. I just wish they would have waited.

The first thing that fans are questioning is the theme “Game Changers”. Personally I could care less what theme they use. Most of the time the themes are dumb, but I do like this idea. I think we can all agree that many of these players are not game changers. A few of them are, like Tony, Cirie, Sandra and Ozzy, but the rest of them still have a lot to prove. Once the list of players came out I wrote down my initial thoughts, and here they are:

Andrea – Why is she’s back? I mean she has such a great life back at home. I have always liked her, but I am not sure about her game play. Maybe she can pull out some surprises this time around.




Brad Culpepper – Why? He’s good TV, I guess. He will most likely make the merge, but he will not win.



Aubry – It might be a little early for her. We all know she can win, but how will the seasoned veterans treat her? They might vote her out right away. But with so many big egos playing, she could go under the radar and win this time.



Caleb – We all knew he would come back. He’s loyal and will make the merge. I would be surprised if he wins, but you never know. This could be his chance to prove me wrong. Hopefully he stays hydrated this time.



Ciera – Wow…three times! The whole voting her mom out thing really payed off. She did well in BvW, but was way too aggressive in second chances. I always felt like she had the skills to win, but I am just not sure anymore.



Jeff Varner – I love Jeff Varner! I am happy to see him get another chance. He’s good TV, but I think he will have a tough road ahead of him. He played too hard last time and players are going to be cautious of him. I hope he can change his game enough and make a run at it.



Cirie – How about that, we get to see her play again. I love her to death, but how far can she go? Can she find a group that will take her far? I have my fingers crossed for her. This will either go very well, or very bad.


J.T. – I am slightly curious to see what JT will do on his third trip back. He was embarrassed pretty badly in HvV. I expect him to want redeem himself. But can he do it? He needs another Stephen Fischbach. Luckily there are many alpha males he can hide behind.


Debbie – Yes I am happy to see her come back. She’s fantastic television! She played better than I thought she would on her first time, but can she make the adjustments necessary to win? I say no, but you never know!


Malcolm – It will be real fascinating to see Malcolm play against Ozzy. I have always liked him. I think he’s better than Ozzy and Joey amazing. But how far into the merge can he get? He needs to team up with Ozzy and JT for some meat shields. Out of all the returning alpha males, I like his chances the best.


Hali Ford – Hali is an interesting returning player. She made no lasting impression on me during her first time out. She has the social skills, but I am not sure if she has anything else to offer. I think the veterans will eat her up and spit her out. But who knows, I could be wrong.


Ozzy – Really? Why? I don’t mean to be so tough on him, but I really can’t imagine him doing much better than he did in his previous times out. He needs to completely play a different game, and then maybe he wins. I say makes the merge, but that’s about it.


Tai – I am not surprised to see him again so quickly, but I just can’t imagine him doing well. I will certainly be rooting for him. I believe he would’ve been better served to wait a few more years before playing again. He is not considered a threat, so that will help him go deep into the game.


Sandra – What else can the queen of Survivor prove? Maybe she wants to know what it’s like to be voted out? I will never ever count Sandra out, but do I have her down as an early boot, with just means she will most likely win again.


Tony – Yes, yes, yes! I am so pumped to see Tony play again. But I cannot imagine anyone that would be dumb enough to keep him around too long. How does he keep himself from being at target? Should he team up with the other alpha males? That would be my strategy. If he wins this season, I will be comfortable in saying that he is the best player to have ever played!


Sarah – I thought when she played the first time she was going to do really well. I have no doubt that she can play well. She went out early enough last time that no one will seen her as a threat this time out. Question remains, will she get Tony out first, or will Tony get her? Or will they surprise me and work together? Should be interesting.


Troyzan – Troyzan gets another shot. This is another tough one for me because I have no idea how well he will play. He definitely has potential. I expect him to make the merge, but after that it’s just one big question mark!


Sierra Dawn-Thomas – This one is another head scratcher for me! She must’ve really sucked up to Jeff Probst or someone! She might surprise me, but I really doubt it. I say merger, but no win.



Zeke Smith – Zeke is another player that I love! He played very aggressively his first time out, so I will be interested to see how he does. Both Michaela and Zeke may have problems with the other returnees. It is hard to say if they will work with someone they do not know. If he can put on the charm, and work his social game, he maybe okay. I will be rooting for him.


Michaela Bradshaw – Another favorite form the season 33. But again, will the other players trust her? She needs to lay back a little more and not come across so aggressive. The long-time players can see right through that. I like her, but I am worried she won’t go far.


My power rankings!
1. Cirie
2. Malcolm
3. Aubry
4. Tony
5. Jeff Varner
6. Zeke Smith
7. Sandra
8. J.T.
9. Michaela Bradshaw
10. Sarah
11. Ozzy
12. Tai
13. Andrea
14. Troyzan
15. Caleb
16. Ciera
17. Debbie
18. Hali Ford
19. Sierra Dawn-Thomas
20. Brad Culpepper

That’s it for me. I am looking forward to the upcoming season. Let’s hope it is as good as the previous all-returnees seasons.