Jurassic World


Last weekend I saw “Jurassic World”. It is the fourth installment to the series and by far the best one since the original “Jurassic Park”.

This one takes place 20 years after Jurassic Park, when an adventurous billionaire builds a new theme park on the original island. If Jurassic Park was Disneyland, Jurassic World would be Disney World and Seaworld all wrapped up in one theme park.

Production did a great job making this fictional park feel real. It has everything a dinosaur enthusiast would want, like rides, gift shops and the very important Starbucks. I could certainly see people flocking to spend a lot of money to see these beautiful dinosaurs up close and personal. Although I would suggest for them to incorporate a flash pass system so people don’t have to wait so long in line.


The plot can be summed up like this: Reckless billionaire decides to build a theme park despite all the problems from the previous attempt. To build excitement they decided to make hybrid dinosaurs, because let’s just face facts, regular dinosaurs are not cool enough! The park scientist decided to build a new dinosaur that makes the T Rex look like a toy. This new hybrid goes on a killing spree, forcing the main characters to use terrible methods in an attempt to try to stop this monster. Many stupid guests die and man learns not to mess with nature. The end. Now I just saved you a lot of money. You’re welcome!

Chris Pratt plays Owen who happens to be the park’s dinosaur trainer and is given the task of trying to take down this very scary hybrid beast, while searching for two lost boys who are the nephews of the park’s director of operations. Pratt proves once again that he’s the guy to go to when you want to sell a lot of tickets in a summer blockbuster! His charming, witty self is perfect for this role and Bryce Dallas Howard does a solid job playing Claire, who is Chris Pratt’s love interest and the aunt to the two young stars of the movie.


Nick Robinson and Ty Simpkins do a great job playing Claire’s (Bryce Dallas Howard) nephews, who are visiting their Aunt while their parents are going through some marriage issues.

One of my favorite scenes in the film has to be when a large group of pterodactyls attack the guests. The whole sequence of shots reminded me of the Alfred Hitchcock classic “The Birds”.

Jurassic-World Kids

After the revised final numbers came out on Monday June 15 2015, the Universal film beat the previous record — the “The Avengers” $207.4 million opening in 2012 — for highest-grossing box office opening weekend in U.S. history with a $208.8 million gross. The final box office totals in international markets hit $315.3 million making it the largest opening abroad ever.

It won’t be long before we will see a sequel to this movie and Chris Pratt has already signed on to return as Owen. I feel like Jurassic World has done a great job rebooting the franchise, just like JJ Abrams’ 2009 “Star Trek”.

The movie works well for the whole family. It may not be suitable for little kids, but it definitely works for preteens and older. If you’re looking for a fun action-packed movie, I certainly suggesting seeing “Jurassic World”. Be sure to let me know what you thought of the movie in the comment section below.  –A

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Release date: June 12, 2015 (USA)

Director: Colin Trevorrow
Film series: Jurassic Park
Music composed by: Michael Giacchino
Screenplay: Colin Trevorrow, Michael CrichtonDerek ConnollyRick JaffaAmanda Silver